Monday, January 11, 2010

clang clang clang

Y'all know what that means, right? Yep, over the weekend I booked the ceremony-to-reception transport for us, our folks and the wedding party, and it's a trolley! (If you don't get the reference, a) Really? and b) check it out here.)

I thought that this late in the game (relatively speaking) I'd have some trouble finding a reasonable vehicle at a reasonable rate, but sure enough, my first choice came through, and at a totally feasible price. We booked a charming 30-seat open-air trolley named Annabel through the Trolley Guy at Georgia Trolley Services. Here she is:

Ooh! Ahh! Check out the lovely white oak interior as well...

photos courtesy of

Jerry Moore (aka the Trolley Guy), who runs Georgia Trolley Services, also links to a wedding photographer's blog that has a few different views of the interior of the trolley. It's really pretty! I'm glad I didn't have to resort to booking a limo-bus because I don't particularly care for them, and they're probably way more expensive. I think this definitely fits our personalities and the overall aesthetic that's taking shape. Wohoo!

So that's one more thing to check off the list. (I actually was able to do a fair amount of checking-off over the weekend, which always feels good.) Now we just have to figure out how we're getting from the reception to wherever we're staying afterwards...


  1. Yay trolleys!!! This was our transport of choice too in between the wedding and reception :) Good times.

  2. My advice for getting to where you are staying after the wedding would be to have the maid of honor or best man drive you. That is what we are planning on doing. The hotel we are staying at has a bus service to take us across town to the airport so there will be no need for a car. We are flying out the next day. And then we will have a family member pick us up from the airport when we arrive back home. This way you don't have to worry about your car while you are gone or pay parking fees. :o)

  3. Thanks Jenny! I would be totally down with a low-key ride from my sister or Jon's brother, or even driving away ourselves, but I'm just not sure that any of us will be in good shape to operate heavy machinery at that point. It's possible, but I can't say for sure... so we'll see. We've got a little time to figure it out. Good thing is that we'll probably be staying at the hotel where a lot of guests are that night, so we can just hitch a ride with Jon's folks or some of them to the day-after brunch for out-of-towners at my parents house, and my car will be there. Works for me! (PS I've added you to my reader now!)