Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Old-Timey Tuesday: Another take on '70s bridal

Jon's lovely mother was another 1970s bride -- 1976, to be specific. Last week's Old-Timey Tuesday post showcased Jon's dad in his über-seventies wedding finery, so this post is a counterpart to that one. In fact, one of the pictures of Susan that I scanned in is basically a mirror image of the photo I shared last week. One imagines that the two shots of the pensive nearly-weds might have been displayed in a double frame... no doubt that's what the photographer had in mind. Anyway, I digress. Let's have a look-see:

Don't you just love how the picture aged? Too awesome. The colors are a bit wonky though, so I'll share the clean copy of the same picture I also came across:

I think Susan was just 22 -- maybe even 21? -- at the time of the wedding. Crazy! She looks so young in these photos. Like my mom and aunt, Susan had ribbons on her bouquet, wore her hair long and down, and chose white and yellow flowers. (See the ring on her right hand? That's now my engagement ring. How awesome is that?) You can also see some of the pretty detailing on her dress, which has a slightly open neckline. Susan's bridal portraits give a better picture of the full ensemble:

When my mom first saw this, she pointed out that Susan wore the same style veil as she had -- long and attached to a juliet cap. Their dresses, too, are similar, though Susan's style has a more open neckline and flowy sleeves.

While all of these dresses -- Mom's, Aunt Connie's, Susan's -- can definitely be placed in a certain time period, I've yet to see any '70s wedding dresses that rival '70s tuxedos in terms of sheer tackiness/awfulness/ridiculousness. I guess the tables turned and the women were the crazy-looking ones in the '80s and early '90s? Or maybe I just know tasteful people? Not sure...

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  1. What beautiful photos! Glad your session with your minister went well! Woo!