Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Old-Timey Tuesday: While we're on the topic of awesome tuxedos...

I think I mentioned that, while in Idaho, I did some digging through Jon's mom's stash of family photos. While I left her wedding album intact, the photos from the event that were floating free among the rest of the pictures I took as fair game and brought home to scan. As a result, I have perhaps The Best 1970s Wedding Tuxedo I Have Ever Seen to share with you today:

1976, folks. A very good year for matrimonial menswear. There is a picture of Jon's dad with his groomsmen in the album, and I have to say, five of these cream-and-brown ensembles lined up is a sight to behold. In seriousness, though, I really like this picture -- the soft natural light, the groovy floral curtains, the velvet bow tie, the foam-tiled church ceiling. I can totally see where Jon got his nice curly hair, too, though I don't think he'll ever be able to wear a mustache like his dad did. Check back next week for the bride's version of this photo and more!


  1. Wow, this is all kinds of amazing.

  2. Hello, hope this finds you well :) I just came across the picture of your dad in his wedding suit and I'd love to use it next to a story if possible. I publish a wedding and marriage magazine in Australia and we have a story called "standing the test of time' looking at guys fashion faux pas and funny things that have been done over the years. My email is carla@whitemagazine.com.au would love to hear from you. xx