Wednesday, January 6, 2010

rings: check!

Yesterday after work, Jon and I returned to Solomon Brothers to pick up our wedding rings. We're in the midst of a frigid spell here in Atlanta so the rings were a little loose, but come May they should fit perfectly.

I'll try taking pictures again (especially of my two rings together) when there's some natural light to help out, but this will do for now. Aren't they pretty?

I learned today that, since we bought our rings from Solomon Brothers, the store will engrave them (block letters only) for free. I feel like we should at least have the date engraved, maybe our initials, for posterity. Jon is pretty ambivalent about it, but it's free, so why not? It's an easy way to remember an anniversary, if nothing else.

I had hoped I could think of something touching and pithy to put in Jon's ring, but so far nothing has come to me. (At least nothing that's not in the form of a stupid movie quote.) Ah well, there's still time... What would/will/did you engrave inside of your wedding rings?


  1. Such beautiful rings! While we weren't engaged, Nick gave me a ring for our one-year anniversary, with the date engraved. I did think it was a nice touch: simple but relevant.

  2. Unfortunately Mr. Bear couldn't put a little something inside of my ring because it is curved and would have only fit 3 characters. I, on the other hand, put a little message in there for him to see on his wedding day, "Forever your Bear 10/17/09" Kind of corny but totally us =0)
    I love your bands by the way! Mr. Bear's band is very similiar to your future hubby's!

  3. My friend had her husband's ring engraved with "Put me back on!" He cracked up at the wedding ceremony. Good times.