Wednesday, January 13, 2010

songs in the key of kickass

So, you may have gathered by now that Jon and I both are musically inclined. As such, it follows that we should want to have a musically kickass wedding, right? Obviously!

Fortunately, as a choir section leader and soloist at the church where we're getting married, I'm in good with the music department. I chatted with the organist/music director tonight after choir rehearsal, just to feel things out, and was thrilled to discover that he is totally on board with playing awesome impressionistic French organ music/things that aren't customarily played at weddings. Better still, I got the green light to include a lovely vocal setting of an e. e. cummings poem, to be sung by my voice teacher from my grad school days.

Now we just need to research excellent organ (and a little bit of vocal) repertoire so that when we have our official music meeting we can compare lists and come up with a totally sweet program for organ, a few soloists, and maybe a trumpet. Although I don't yet know what all will be included, I know our music will be totally badass. Guests, take note, and plan to catch the prelude!

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  1. A trumpet in a church makes me think of the "All You Need Is Love" scene from "Love Actually." Fantastic!