Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tuxedo tales, vol. 1

Yesterday, Jon and I made a trip to the mall for a "freeview" of Jon's wedding tux at Savvi Formalwear. The visit was a productive one, though perhaps not in the best ways -- we learned that Jon had been measured incorrectly and that the original vest we selected was, how you say, unattractive. Oh, and the whole suit was pretty ill-fitting. It could certainly have been worse, but I wasn't sure it deserved to be Jon's most-photographed outfit. Check it out:

Tux with original vest -- we swapped for a lower-cut one. Good call.

Poorly tailored suits are a real pet peeve of mine -- especially when a guy is supposed to be looking sharp -- so I was being picky (as well I should). I asked the guy helping Jon if there was any way to make the pants less dumpy looking, because they were pretty huge from the back and sides, though they look OK from the front. He said he'd take him down a size. When I asked if the jacket might not be a bit long, the dude snapped back at me, "Well, the short would be way too short." Well, no, it wouldn't have been... but it was clear that we had reached the limits of customer service with this particular salesman.

Upon leaving the store, Jon was distressed -- he said the tux felt fine, but he could tell I wasn't thrilled about it, and he thought my distaste for his attire would ruin our pictures/wedding day for me. I assured him that wouldn't be the case, and that I certainly didn't want to make him buy a new tuxedo if he was content. After all, he doesn't get a say in what I'm wearing for the wedding!

But it did get me thinking: Why do men usually rent tuxedos -- a fairly useful thing to have in one's closet -- and women instead purchase wedding dresses -- a garment that is generally worn just once? (Some people do rent wedding dresses, but that's mostly just the super high-end ones, I think.) I'm not saying that guys never buy -- I've read plenty of blogs about dudes buying suits and less formal things. But wouldn't it make more sense for it to be the other way around, or at least for it to be customary for a groom to buy some wedding day finery, as the bride does? Is it just that guys don't give a shit? Even girls who don't give a shit get dresses, though...

I mentioned this to Jon as we drove home from the mall. Once we got home, I emailed the photos I had taken to his mom so she could weigh in. As you may imagine, the tuxedo story does not end here... but you'll have to wait to hear the rest, because this post is already too damn long.

What do you think -- should guys shell out like the ladies to look their best for the big day?


  1. I'm totally making Max buy a suit. (We're going semi-formal, so a tux isn't necessary.) He doesn't see the point, but he's a hard fit and looked ridiculous last time he had to wear a rented tux. A suit he can wear for a long, long time = BIG WIN.

  2. Yes, guys should shell out if you can afford it. I want my guy to be just as excited about his special clothes as I am about mine. And something about me wearing an expensive new dress and him wearing whatever simply echoed too much of the sexism I see in wedding planning. So he is getting a sexy new suit to match my sexy new dress.