Thursday, February 11, 2010

100 days!

Well, it's not quite the final countdown, but it is a pretty big milestone. When we first got engaged our wedding date was more than 400 days away... now it's practically upon us! In less than two weeks it will be three months out, which sounds a lot more pressing than something that is four months down the road. Ack!

Earlier in the week when I realized that 100 was right around the corner I had thought I might have something more significant to say on this occasion, but I really don't. At least not tonight... This week has been totally noots. I do have a sort of nice story to share, though. Tonight at the symphony, Mom and Jon ran into an old partner of Dad's and Jon was introduced as my fiance. After I sang, got offstage and found Mom and Jon in the lobby, we saw Dad's colleague (also a former chorus member) again. He stepped away from his conversation to come over to congratulate us on our engagement and assured us that "marriage is even better" -- always a nice thing to hear, given the pop-cultural assumption that it's all downhill after the wedding. The best part of the conversation, though, was that he kept saying, "Hooray for you!" Like, at the end of every sentence, "Hooray for you!" At least five or six times. Awesome.

So, here's to a happy, not-insanely-stressful next 100 days. Hooray for us!


  1. I was really hoping that was going to be hyperlinked to an "arrested Development" ILLUSIONS show.

  2. fixed. for some reason I did not follow through on my impulse to go with Gob, but I have now righted that wrong.

  3. Kathleen! Thank you for posting on our blog. I would love love to feature your wedding on Pop + Shorty after the big day. What do you think? :)