Monday, February 22, 2010

3 months!

Sweet fancy moses! Three months from today is May 22, our wedding day! Noots! (Noots = nuts, as in "that's nuts," for anyone confused.) By now you know what these monthly markers mean... it's time to check in with!

Today's to-do email from tells me, "Get your wedding favors." DONE. I was all over this last summer, and the whole shebang was taken care of by the end of September... take that, Knot! Score one for me.

The other two things wants me to do are find a hairstyle and plan my transportation. The hairstyle is something I have been pondering recently. I've got a haircut in two weeks, scheduled for the day of our first wedding shower so I can look extra nice for all of my parents' friends. I'll probably take a few "inspiration" pictures to my stylist at that appointment so she can get an idea of what I'm thinking and so we can schedule my trial. Otherwise, I've been on the lookout, so I'm not too worried about it. I think I'm pretty well on track with that piece. Oh, and in case you're wondering, here's the best wedding hair I've seen so far:

(pic from

My hair is getting pretty long, so I'd say this is within the realm of possibility. I even bought the same flower pins this bride used -- they're so simple and pretty.

Transportation, however... well. You may recall my unfortunate trolley fiasco of last month. No sooner had I posted a gushy blog about the awesome trolley I booked to get us from the ceremony to the reception when the operator (we'll call him Trolleyman I) emailed me back to tell me someone else had gotten a deposit in juuuuust before mine. BOO.

He kindly offered to put me in touch with a trolley-driving colleague of his (Trolleyman II) and managed to get me the same rate on a smaller white trolley the other company operates. I made contact with the new potential vendor, and then after about four emails, he just disappeared. Poof! I tried calling and emailing, to no avail, so I went back to the original guy, who told me that Trolleyman II was on vacation in Key West. Oh, no problem, I thought. We'll just touch base when he's back. Well, it's been about a month now and still no response to my many calls and emails. Again, BOO.

This morning I emailed that company and the original company I'd tried to book to see if I could make any headway. Trolleyman I emailed me back and said that if Trolleyman II didn't manage to touch base within the week, he would help arrange a minibus or other limo transportation for us, and if none of that works out he'll refund my deposit. I was pretty annoyed back in January that I hadn't earned any priority by having emailed with Trolleyman I about his services and even gotten a contract, but he is definitely making up for it by going above and beyond to help me out now.

In addition to a trolley/bus/limo/clown car, I'll need to get a ride for me and Jon from the reception back to whatever hotel (likely the W Midtown). At this point, it's looking like that will be a boring old (relatively inexpensive) town car or something. I haven't found anything vintage or cool that's not a stuffy/bank-breaking Rolls Royce, and it's not a long ride or anything, so... yeah. No big whoop.

That's where I stand at 3 months out, at least on these issues. Not bad! I've got this thing under control.


  1. My father in law and stepmom in law drove us from the reception to our hotel hahaha. We couldn't find a towncar in Destin that wouldn't cost us as arm and a leg (esp since we paid $300 to have a party bus drive us 4 miles from the beach to the reception).

    As for my hair - I had my stylist replicate a picture of a hairstyle I liked about 3 weeks before my wedding to make sure I liked how it looked =0)