Wednesday, February 3, 2010

bridesmaids dresses in action!

Yesterday The Bride's Cafe blog posted photos from a wedding in which the bridesmaids were wearing the Robin dress from J. Crew's wedding collection -- yep, that's my dress! (By "my" dress, of course, I mean the dress I made seven of my nearest and dearest purchase to wear in our wedding.) Check it out:

photo by Daisy Varley

Dang, that is one well dressed wedding party! This is only the second time I've seen this dress on the blogs (or at least the ones I check), and the first time that I've seen everyone in the party wearing this cut. I also had a good friend choose this dress in black for her pick-your-own-dress bridesmaid duties back in the fall. It's such a pretty dress, I'm surprised I haven't seen it more.

Robin has apparently been phased out of the bridesmaids lineup at J. Crew for the foreseeable -- the Sophia is assuredly their most popular silhouette, and they've added two new shapes in the silk tricotine fabric in Robin's stead. I'm not sure why more people haven't gone for Robin... but hey, at least I'll look sort of original, right?

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  1. a) I like your bridesmaid dress, though this picture is weird. Artsy and different in a bad way.
    b) I like the Sophia, but I feel like so many people have that dress. I wish this dress (the Taryn) came wit a more fitted natural waist.