Friday, February 12, 2010

engagement shoot brainstorming...

I mentioned in a previous post that I had scheduled an engagement photo shoot with our photographers. It's not until March 30, but I've already started thinking about locations and outfits and potential props/accessories, etc. (Nerd alert, I know.) In fact, just last weekend I bought a new top for the occasion! Here 'tis:

from anthropologie, natürlich

I'll pair it with some jeans, and I'm hoping to find some awesome new flats to wear. The only ones I have are from Target like two years ago, and they never stay on my feet anymore and look pretty damn sad. I really like these, but can't seem to find them in my size anywhere. Boo! (Speaking of my clown feet, although I love to wear my green hi-top chucks, they can make my feet look huge. Depending on the jeans I wear, they may or may not make an appearance... they certainly won't if I'm only wearing that red top! I digress.) Also, I'm still not sure if I will change outfits during the session, namely to a more fully sleeved top... I'm a little leery of my not-terribly-toned arms showing in all the pictures, but if I don't find anything else I'll just work the debutante/model/sorority girl bent-arm look as much as possible.

So, that's as far as I've gotten on attire. Jon and I will both need haircuts between now and then, and I'm thinking that I may run to the salon up the street the morning of our photo session and have a professional blow out my hair since I just can't seem to make it look that nice lately. (I blame the winter weather.) I don't wear much makeup in life, so I'll keep it that way for these pictures -- some mascara, maybe some foundation, maybe some lip gloss that's not too shiny or some of that Clinique sheer lipstick.

When Jesse and Whitney come over for dinner in a week or two we'll brainstorm about possible locations, but there are two things that I know I want to bring along, no matter where we end up:

1. Jon's ukulele

Ukes make Jon very happy, and I'm thinking it will come in handy as a distraction from the fact that a dude/lady with a camera is following him around and asking him to forget that he's there. This will probably result in a lot of goofy pictures, but at least we'll both be smiling!

2. Little Man!

I mean, how could I leave out my sweet kitty? Just look how cute he is!! People have dogs in their engagement photos all the time, so why not a cat? He's my boy. Dawww. Yes, I realize it may be tricky to have the cat outside and not freaking out, but we can always take a few pictures indoors.

What would you bring along for engagement pictures? Would you wear multiple outfits or just stick with one? Do tell!

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