Tuesday, February 16, 2010

first fitting: uneventful, but productive!

After work today, I picked up my mama and headed to Bridals by Lori for my first fitting. After perusing the mother-of-the-bride offerings (more on that later), we wandered over to the alterations area where I was assigned a room and told to put on my shoes and my underthings, then crack the door and they would bring me my dress. Now, isn't that a pretty picture! While I was hanging out in my skivvies, I also put on some drop pearl earrings I had brought along and pinned my hair into a low bun.

The alterations assistant fetched my dress and I managed to step into it all by myself without catching the heel of my shoe on anything or tearing it. Victory! I emerged from the dressing room and one of the assistants fastened the hook and eye. We very quickly determined that the underthings I had brought along simply wouldn't do -- I had mail-ordered a couple of strapless bras a week ago so I would have one for the fitting, and the one I brought with me had a shape quite different than that of the dress's bodice. Doh! The assistant grabbed one of the in-house longline bras and we hopped back into the dressing room to swap it out.

While we were at it, I asked her about the option of having cups sewn in -- if you'll recall, my day-of-coordinator was allll about it at our last meeting. I wondered aloud if the cups had to be attached at this fitting or if it could be done at the next one, since when/if I lose weight I often lose in my bust first. Well, apparently it's a non-issue, because they only stock A and B cups. I asked what protocol for busty brides was, and the girl said, "Get a bra." Duly noted! And man am I relieved!

Back out in the common area, I stood on the little platform and added Grandma's pearls to see how they looked with the dress. They were lovely! (Necklace: check.) Linda, the seamstress, came over to chat and we decided that we'd hold off on adjusting the bodice, since I'm hoping to lose maybe 5 more pounds or so before the wedding. As it stands right now, I have at least 3 inches of excess dress that can be taken in at the waist -- the dress was big to begin with, as we had to order to my largest measurement, aka my chest -- but we're going to wait until closer to the date so (a) I'm about the same size as I will be for the wedding, (b) she won't have to alter it twice and (c) I have appropriate and not-ill-fitting undergarments.

Ultimately, during our appointment, Linda just determined how much of the dress to hack off so that when I go back for my next fitting/bodice adjustment the dress should be the right length. My veil had just gotten into the store, so we added it to the ensemble and took the obligatory picture, then set my next appointment for two months from now and went along our merry way. Between now and April 20, I need to find the perfect low-back bra-type-thingy -- anybody have any recommendations? Please advise!

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  1. I got such a contraption at Victoria's Secret-- it was pretty much one of the only things they had at the store I went to, but perhaps you'll luck out and find a wide variety of them someplace :) Nevertheless, I found one in my size and Eureka! My dress fitter at Kleinfeld sewed in little thingies into the dress to latch on/go over the bra contraption so that the dress was extra secure and I didn't worry at all about it during the wedding as the bodice also fit pretty well.

    They didn't finalize my length until the third fitting... not sure why that was but I guess my dress has a lot of layers so they took their time making sure each was right-- they had sort of a fake hem in for a while. Good times. More detail than you ever wanted to know, I am sure. (Sorry :) )