Monday, February 15, 2010

invitation budget breakdown

Over the weekend I spent a little time crunching numbers to see how I actually came out in terms of budget with my invitations. In this post, I said I figured I'd be able to get 250 invitation sets for under $400. As it turns out, I did!

The total cost of the 250 3-piece suites was $346, including paper, printing plates and shipping. Last weekend I ordered some twine that will be the finishing touch on the set (and will probably also be used for programs), so absorbing that cost into the invitation budget brings the grand total to $364. That comes out to only $1.46 per set for a letterpressed invitation, reception card, two-sided RSVP postcard and inner and outer envelopes, all Crane Lettra. Hot damn!

(As a point of reference, 250 5x7 custom invitations at Party City will set you back $325, or $1.30 apiece -- and that's just for the main card and one crappy white envelope. I am SO the winner.)

I also printed marriage announcements to send to friends that didn't end up on the guest list or who couldn't come and we didn't want to obligate to buy us a present. For 50 announcements with envelopes (inner and outer, if we want to use both) and the plate, it cost $50.58, or $1.01 per announcement.

Last, but certainly not least, I have already printed 240 thank-you notes and I just bought paper for 120 more. When all 360 are finished, I'll have spent $205.51, or $.57 per custom-printed card and envelope set (plus the cost of the plate).

Of course, to that I have to add postage, and you can't really get deals on that -- though I'm saving on the RSVPs by making them postcards, which is a good start.

In summary: Mom, Dad, you're welcome! Self, good job -- you've acquired an excellent new skill! Guests, prepare to be impressed with my craftiness! OK, that's enough patting myself on the back... for now. Have you had any DIY/crafting successes?

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