Monday, February 8, 2010

Invitations: DONE

Hooray! Over the weekend I managed to print allll of our wedding invitations. Jon came to the studio with me and dutifully shuttled the freshly inked invites across the studio to the drying rack and helped with quality control. Eight hours, 800 pieces of paper and more than a thousand impressions later, I'm pretty pleased with the results. Want to see? Of course you do! I'll give you a sneak peek for now, since these babies won't fly free for another 6 weeks or so. I don't want to give it all away early!

Here's the backside of our RSVP postcard. This side is a blind impression, which means I didn't use any ink on the plate when I pressed it.

I printed the RSVP on double-thick stock so that the impression from the front wouldn't bleed through to the back and vice versa, and, well, you can see how that worked out for me... I promise I will not make that mistake ever again! Fortunately, the RSVP is the part of the invitation that gets sent back to me and not the part that people might hang onto, so it all works out. Score!

Here's a bit from the other side:

Oooh, just look at that delicious texture! Lettra is such lovely paper. And last but not least, for now, our thank-you notes:

I will probably be printing another hundred-plus of these while I have studio time because I didn't print enough the first go-round, and they look totally awesome. This paper is not so fancy -- it's just from Paper Source -- but it gets the job done. Can't beat the price on custom stationery!

What do y'all think? Next up, my bride buddy Shelley's invitations. I'll be sure to report back on how printing my friend's wedding invites next weekend and beyond goes!

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