Friday, February 26, 2010

lingerie shower poetry FTW

When the first of my high-school girlfriends got engaged back in 2005, my mom and I hosted a lingerie shower and brunch in her honor for "the girls" and our moms. It was such a rousing success that we declared it a tradition to be repeated whenever one of the gang was engaged. Three years later another friend (one of my bridesmaids) got married, and as per our pledge, we did it again before her wedding! Both times it has been tons of fun, and a very special (and often very amusing) thing to share with each other and our mamas.

Now that I'm the one getting hitched, the hostessing duties have been picked up by two other mother-daughter pairs. I got my invitation in the mail today -- wahoo! -- and it's so epically awesome that I just had to share it. I know wedding shower invites often have cheesy little rhymes, but this rises above the usual schlock. Abby, the bridesmaid also known as my hetero lifemate and/or other half of my brain, has long been a master of clever poetry, and this little ditty is no exception:

I cracked up when I read it -- I can just envision my friends pelting me with lacy panties or something. (Stone and Linsky are my friends' married names, FYI.)

This shower will happen in about a month as part of my bachelorette weekend -- we wanted to get two birds with one stone for the folks who live out of town and are able to make the trip home. No word on other plans for that weekend yet, although I've dictated that there shall be no strippers and that we should try to do whatever partying we do as cheaply as possible. I'm thinking old-school sleepover, only with more booze than before. Eh? Any of y'all have brilliant ideas for bachelorette festivities that don't involve going out to crappy clubs or an abundance of plastic penis paraphernalia?


  1. We did a group dinner, cake & lingerie shower at a hotel room suite then we just went to a few low key bars/lounges downtown. I think I wore a sash or boa or something. Nothing too crazy, but something a little special since you probably want something more than a high school sleepover party... right? :) Saw Allison last night and she said she's going. Hope it's fun.

  2. What a cool tradition! You're lucky to have such amazing ladies in your life!