Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Old-Timey Tuesday: Jean & Fred cut the cake

Here's another one-picture post on my grandparents' 1946 wedding. This week, they're cutting the cake! And, again, it's just painfully glamorous and sweet:

Oh, how I wish Grandma had stashed away her cake topper somewhere! Or, if she did, that Uncle Bob hadn't tossed it in the garage sale heap, as he probably did many things I undoubtedly would have hoarded had I been there sorting.

Today I resumed pondering what, if anything, should grace the top of our wedding cake. A delicate arch of millinery leaves, like Grandma and Grandpa had? A vintage bride and groom figurine, even though they all appear to be wonky-eyed and brunette? Something I pull together myself? I'm still working on it...

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