Sunday, February 28, 2010

This just in: Llama bought a dress!

Huzzah! My mama ordered herself a pretty dress for the wedding!

I know it's a weight off her shoulders to finally have this done -- not to mention she must be relieved to not have to go running around town looking at more fancy dresses, 95 percent of which seem to be just plain ugly. I'm pleased to report that the dress she got is in the 5-percent minority of simple and lovely gowns. And it wasn't even that expensive, as these things go. Bonus!

Mom sealed the deal this afternoon during her third visit to Bride Beautiful. My sister and I were both on hand to opine about the dress this time, but once Mom stepped out of the dressing room looking so chic and elegant there wasn't much to discuss, aside from which color would be best. Picture this in classic navy:

Very pretty, no? That's the one! It turns out that it does indeed come with the brooch pictured, but it's only pinned on, so Mom can keep it or lose it. Since the wedding is sneaking up pretty quickly, Mom put a super-rush on her order -- that means it should be here in early April, leaving plenty of time for any necessary alterations.

So, hooray! Unexpectedly productive Sunday! One more thing to cross off the ol' to-do list...

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