Wednesday, February 17, 2010

twine trickery!

The twine I ordered as a finishing touch for my invitations arrived today. Whee! I expected it in a box on the stoop -- I mean, 240 yards is a lot, and it looks like a pretty sizeable spool on the website, right? Observe:

Yeah, I was envisioning something about 10 or 12 inches tall, so when I opened my mailbox and saw a tiny mailer-bag from this company, I found it to be hilariously small. I may or may not have laughed out loud. Mini-me twine! It made me think of the type of joke setups you see in Austin Powers (and any number of other classic Mike Myers films)... I wish I could think of a better way to describe that, but, hey, it's late.

Clearly my sense of scale is wonky... I blame the tiny rubber ducky. Very clever, twine peddlers! Well, here's the real deal:

See? Tiny! Or tinier than one would expect, at least.* Am I the only one who was fooled by the website photos?

*Let the record show that I am not disappointed in the product, merely amused at my apparent utter lack of understanding of proportion and size :)


  1. That must be one small-ass rubber ducky...

  2. Ha! My guess would've been around 10 inches, too. That must be one small-ass rubber ducky indeed!

  3. haha...I thought the same thing when I got my divine twine too! The picture makes it look big...but I guess 240yds is 240yds...I too lack understanding of portions and size :)

  4. Echoing those above me, where did they get a mini duckie like that? That is not a regulation rubber duckie!