Monday, February 1, 2010

Welcome, February!

It's hard to believe January has come and gone already! January and February are traditionally my least favorite months of the year for a number of reasons, so I'm pretty psyched to already be halfway through the winter drudgery here.

I will say, though, that in the past few weeks I've felt a lightness that I don't remember in winter in years past. The weather is cold and things could certainly be better in my professional life, but I think it's that I am just getting so damn excited about our wedding! Since the save-the-dates went out, we've had a few invitees send us notes to tell us that they'll be in attendance, and every time I hear of someone else who is coming to celebrate with us it makes me feel all giddy. People are coming from all over the country to see us get married! I feel so honored that people are planning trips and parties and outfits around our wedding. Amazing! Have I mentioned that I love parties and friends and keeping up with people? Yeah. It's gonna be awesome.

At this point, all anxiety about the guest list has subsided. As I've mentioned, we're leaving it up to the fates and are simply planning to accommodate a few more than the original 200 friends and family we had in mind. But I'm not kidding myself -- once the RSVPs start coming back, there may well be a slight budget freak-out. At least I'll know to expect it!

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  1. We started freaking when more people said Yes than we anticipated! It all worked out in the end though - as all weddings do - and we had the best time of our lives with everyone we loved last October. Now I wish I was planning my wedding again!