Thursday, February 25, 2010

You can thank me later, out-of-town guests!

It seems that hotel welcome bags for out-of-town guests have become a fixture of the wedding world. For those who aren't familiar with the concept, the bride and groom often assemble packets containing directions and information for the wedding weekend, toss in a few bottles of water, snacks and a tchotchke or two, and leave these packages with the front desks of the hotels where their guests will be lodging. When the guests arrive, they'll get a bag of info and goodies along with their room keys.

Obviously this sort of thing isn't a necessity, but since Jon and I have invited a fairly large out-of-town contingent, many of whom aren't terribly familiar with Atlanta, we figure it's a nice gesture. Plus, we've got a reputation to uphold -- they don't call it Southern hospitality for nothing! We're still figuring out what all will go into the welcome bags, but there is one thing I've known I needed to tie in from the start: Waffle House.

Because I have no shame when it comes to the pursuit of all things Waffle House, a month or so ago I dropped a line to the WaHo head of communications, with whom I'd had some contact back in 2005 for a freelance story I wrote about the restaurants. I explained that I was getting married in May and would love to be able to share the cultural institution that is Waffle House with all of my guests, especially since many of them know of my mild obsession with the chain. (I wish I could remember how it started, but I really don't... I mostly blame eBay.)

Long story short, their communications guy put me in touch with a colleague of his who got a guest count from me. Yesterday, said colleague sent me an email letting me know a package was on its way to me. There was a large box on our steps when I got home from work today, and inside it I found exactly what I had asked for:

200 free waffle coupons! That should cover all the out-of-towners and at least the wedding party! Sweet. BUT WAIT. There was more in that big box...

Your eyes do n0t deceive you: they sent me 200 Waffle House koozies too! It's the mother lode!!! (All of this was totally gratis, by the way!) I didn't think it was possible for me to love Waffle House any more than I already do, but they really went above and beyond with this. INCREDIBLE. I'm pretty sure this qualifies us for having one of the most awesome and delicious welcome bags of all time.


  1. There are no words to express my excitement ;)

  2. Kelly said it Wow.

  3. OK this simply rocks. as a waffle house fan myself, i want one of your gift bags! :)

  4. Totally random question, Kathleen. But would you be willing to sell one of your Waffle House Koozies? I just (accidentally) gave my fiance's Waffle House Koozie away and can't get it back. I've searched high and low for a place to buy one and this blog post is the only place I've found them. We are both big Waffle House fans and lived in Atlanta for nearly a decade.

    1. Hi! Sorry for the super delayed response here — for some reason blogger hasn't been alerting me to comments on this blog. I'd be happy to hook you up. Just drop me an email (kathleenvpoe at gmail)!