Friday, March 26, 2010

Bachelorette partaaaaaay!

Woooo! The weekend of my bachelorette festivities has arrived!! (How is this possible?) One of my college roomies/bridesmaids and my best friend got in from New York last night so they can join in the fun. Sadly though, many of my nearest and dearest who aren't living in ATL right now won't be with us. Boo! We'll just have to party harder in their absence, right? And take lots of ridiculous pictures. I think we can do that.

Tonight we'll start out with a girls' dinner and then proceed to Johnny's Hideaway, billed on its website as "Atlanta's ONLY nightclub for big kids," (aka where the DJ plays excellent classic tunes and the young attractives try to avoid the old skeezies) and boogie the night away. After that I'm pretty certain we'll sober up (or at least put some food on top of our drinks) at my favorite Waffle House, which is right next door.

It seems like that will be hard to top, frankly, but we will try our damnedest on Saturday. A smaller group (my high-school best buddies and my roomie/bridesmaid + moms) of us will have our gang's traditional mother-daughter lingerie shower at 1 p.m., which allows plenty of time to recover from any Friday damage in the morning. After that, we'll break for a couple of hours, then reconvene at my sister's house for an old-school slumber party. There will be pizza, cookie cake, movies, embarrassing stories, late-night bagel bites and, I'm hoping, not too much phallic paraphernalia. Knowing this crowd, though, I'm sure there will be some. So it goes!

I will of course report back once the madness is over. Maybe I'll even share some (non-incriminating) photos from the debauchery!

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