Monday, March 1, 2010

crazy dreams

Last Friday night I had a totally bizarro and scatterbrained wedding dream. It didn't make much sense at all, so I'll spare you the stream-of-consciousness recounting, but I guess there were highlights, if you can call them that:
  • It was a week and a half before the wedding and I realized none of my bridesmaids had gotten shoes.
  • I did my own hair two days before the wedding, and it was expected that that very hairstyle would be the one for the big show. Unfortunately, it didn't hold up well after a sleep. But there was no changing it!
  • I finally bought a longline bra/bustier/underthing, so Mom and I went to the church to put it on with my dress and had to change in the music closet -- a room which does not exist at the church in which we're getting married but seemed to be an odd amalgam of the youth choir robing room at the church I grew up in and the ladies' robing room at an Episcopal church in town. After I tried it on, I went out to dinner at "Canoe" (our rehearsal dinner spot, only this looked nothing like it) with my best friend Abby to make sure that I could eat in it.
  • After that dinner we were supposed to go to meet up somewhere in Smyrna for pizza, because apparently more eating was in order... but we didn't. We ended up at some random chick's apartment trying to pick up more bridesmaids because HOLY CRAP our makeup appointments were in Columbus, Ga., (about 2 hours away) and we needed to get there ASAP since the wedding was that night! So, only three of us went because the makeup artist didn't have enough time for everyone. As this was decided, we were on cell phones driving around my high school campus.
I mean, what?? Has anybody else had totally cuckoo, nonsensical wedding dreams? Apparently I'm worried about shoes, foundation garments, hair and makeup... and having enough to eat. Or at least I think that's what my brain is telling me. Bridesmaids, do you have shoes? If not, get on it so my subconscious can check it off! I'll work on all those other things...

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