Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Earring issues

Maybe y'all can help me on this... I'm searching for some lovely pearl-based earrings to wear with my wedding dress. Depending on the earrings I may or may not wear my grandma's pearls as well, but I'm pretty petite and there isn't a ton of room between my collarbone and my earlobes, so I try not to crowd things. Generally if I'm wearing dangly earrings, I go sans necklace. Does that make sense?

At any rate, I have those pearls and I know they look lovely with my dress, so in the next month and a half before my second fitting I need to buy some wedding earrings so I can see how the whole ensemble looks. At the first fitting, it was decided that drop earrings would be prettier than studs, so I've been poking around online to see what I see. Below is the best of the best that I've found so far... which is not always so great, but whatever. Let me know what your favorite is in the comments! Oh, and if you need another look at my dress click here. Here goes...

1. The prettiest pair turned up on theknot.com, to my surprise. The reason they're the prettiest is that they're the real deal - actual diamonds and pearls -- and they retail for more than $3,000. But you can rent them for only $120. Interesting... So, basically, what I need to find is an affordable version of these:

2. $260... still pretty steep due to real pearl and diamond bits, but at least I'd get to keep them after the wedding...

3. $44, and a little boring. Not dangly, just simple and pretty.


4. $32, sorta dangly, but very cheap-looking, at least in these pics.

5. $68, slightly larger than the others (I think), and with goldtone metal parts. Is this problematic since my rings (the only other jewelry I'll be sporting) are white gold? Please advise.

6. $75, also goldtone, which I think probably wouldn't work. Right? But these have a very nice shape to them. I don't generally like funky shaped pearls, but for these I make an exception.

7. $65, super pretty and simple. These I could almost certainly wear with grandma's pearls.

8. $28, a little more going on here...

9. $32, way danglier and blingier than most previous options, also with odd-shaped fake pearl. Excuse me, "simulated" pearl.


10. $115, again a bit steep, and this time for CZ. But these are probably the closest to the pretties from the Knot, no?


11. $190, real deal, but MAN are these boring. I think I need sparkles somewhere on that white gold part... these are almost not fancy enough. Or? You tell me... Actually, no. $190 is sort of a dealbreaker.

12. $110, serious dangliness. But also very simple, sans bling.

13. $23.49 for a less sophisticated but more dangly version of the Carolee basic above.


Feel free to suggest other places to look... I tried Etsy but was sufficiently overwhelmed by the bajillion search results that I bailed after a few pages. I may also go poke around an antique market to see what I see... please help!


  1. I really like the first picture. They are very dainty and elegant and would go very well with your dress. Have you tried Charming Charlies? Not sure if they have one there but maybe a website? It is a store made up entirely of jewelry and such. Awesome store! Or maybe a Sam's Club or Costco?

  2. Good call on Costco! Although, I just checked and the prettiest pair is like $1300. Dang! I've never heard of Charming Charlie's but the website tells me that there is one nearby, so maybe I'll check it out! Thanks for the tip.

  3. I love #5 and #6... I think that since they are on your ears the gold tones don't really matter! I bought my earrings and matching barrette off of Etsy and loved them...

  4. If you're looking for bling/budget over "I'll give these to my great-granddaughter" quality, then consider doing what I did: Going to the mall and buying every pair of earrings that you like. Just make sure you can return them! I took six pairs to my dress fitting and the pair that It thought looked the cheesiest in hand turned out to be the perfect pairing with my mother-in-law's pearls. Saved me time in the long run and I could return everything else!

  5. Ok. This is your wedding jewelry. I say go for the real deal. You want everything about what you're wearing to reflect how special the day is. I just don't think fake pearls or cz does that. #1 is gorgeous! I say rent them. You can also check out certain jewelry stores that will let you rent jewelry. I like #2 too. Spring for the real deal.