Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fly fly!

Yesterday was a pretty big day in the life of our wedding (yes, it has a life of its own these days), as I'll detail in another post, but this accomplishment deserves a post unto itself: Our invitations are in the mail!

Yesterday afternoon I took my lovingly pressed and packaged invitations to the post office to be sent out. AAAAH! When I got to the counter lugging my many boxes of invitations, I asked that they be hand-canceled, per my day-of coordinator's instruction. The dude told me that they would get to as many of them as time allowed. Boo! Not satisfied with that response, I told him they could take their time, they didn't really have to go out that day... but he said nope, everything that comes into the post office today has to leave today. Who knew? Not me. I dropped them off around 2:45 in the afternoon, so that should have given them a few hours. Hopefully no one's will arrive having been chewed up by the post-office machines. If any of our guests are reading, let me know when you get yours!

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  1. NC got ours on Thursday of last week. Beautiful!!