Monday, March 15, 2010

getting things done!

Last week was totally NOOTS with wedding meetings and evening plans... by the time I got to Friday, I needed a break, and break I did -- hence no post. But even though I stepped away from the blog, I was pretty industrious when it came to wedding things. On Saturday we moved my dad's parents' buffet and hutch set over to our apartment and put it in the dining room, and it looks AWESOME. We unpacked all of our shower gifts from the previous weekend and put them away in their new home, and we even broke down all the boxes they came in and took them to be recycled. Total score! Aside from that, I finally took our wedding bands to be engraved with our initials and the date, bought a shower gift for my bride buddy's kitchen shower next weekend and exchanged a gift we had gotten that came with a big scratch across it.

Productive, no? And I haven't even told you about the main event yet! On Sunday night, my mama and one of my bridesmaids who lives around the corner came over to stuff, seal and stamp invitations. It actually didn't take all that long to power through -- we started a little after 6 p.m. and I sent Mom on her way after a lovely pizza dinner around 8:30.

It helped that I had been bundling invites (i.e. tying the pieces together with twine) in front of the TV for a few weeks, and that Mom spent all last week addressing inner and outer envelopes. As such, all we had to do was put the bundles in the envelopes, seal them and add stamps, making sure to give the international invites the correct postage and an RSVP card sans American stamp. Won't work from over there!

Here we are getting started! Jo and I stuffed while Mom sealed and stamped.

Little Man dropped by to see if he could be of help but seemed overwhelmed by the task...

so he just sat there looking sweet. Awww Little Man!

With two of us on stuffing detail and only one sealer/stamper, Mom built up a bit of a backlog.

Right around this time, the envelope-sealy-stick wore out as well, so we powered through the last few dozen envelopes the old-fashioned way. Thank god the stamps weren't licky ones too! In the meantime we had sent Jon out to fetch some pizza, so at least we didn't have to taste envelope stickum for too long.

Hooray! Except for about six envelopes that still need stamps, these babies are ready to go! I'm planning to drop them off at the post office tomorrow -- I'm taking a half-personal-day off of work because Mom and I have the reception tasting and walkthrough, then Jon and I will meet with the pastor for the second time. Somewhere in the middle of that, I'm assuming I'll have some time to hit the post office at off-peak hours. Once I know our guests have them in hand, I'll show you the invitations in all their glory!

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