Thursday, March 4, 2010

hot off the press!

So, remember how I was saying on Monday that my bride buddy Shelley would probably have her invitations out before mine? Ah, yeah, mine showed up in the mail yesterday. That means that, since we wrapped up printing last Saturday, she addressed all the envelopes and printed labels for RSVP envelopes and put the backing on all however many invitations I printed and sent them all out. (I'm guessing she got a head start on embossing the envelopes since she had those at her house all along.) Holy crap! AND this girl works full-time and goes to business school in the evenings! Shelley, I bow before your expediency. Let's hope I am just as swift in assembling my invitations.

Anyway, since I promised I would share, here are the fruits of our collective labor. Behold!

(pardon the fuzziness and not-great light, I took this early this morning sans flash)

Yes, I edited out the location, for all you wedding-crashing no-goodniks out there. And stay out! That aside though, isn't this a simple and lovely invite? Shelley picked good fonts that printed beautifully. The ink I used is a chocolate brown, which is especially nice with the coral backing on the main invitation.

My favorite piece of hers that I printed is actually not part of the invitations -- it's the menu card for the delicious reception dinner! We mixed up a really pretty bright coral pink for it. I'll see if I can't get a hold of one of those, or I'll just save mine from the wedding to show off later on.

Invitations are actually on my agenda for tonight. My USPS tracking number tells me that my package o' postage should arrive today, so I'll finish putting stamps on all of the RSVP postcards and go about bundling up the sets. That way, once mama is done addressing everything, all we'll have to do is stuff, stuff, stuff! And stamp, stamp, stamp, I suppose. There's always something else, isn't there?

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