Sunday, March 7, 2010

in memoriam

I drove up to Greenville, S.C., yesterday to pick up some boxes of old family photos from my Uncle Steve. You'll see the wedding-related pictures in coming Old-Timey Tuesday posts, so you've got that to look forward to. Today, though, I wanted to share some non-wedding portraits of my mom's parents, my Grandma Jean and Grandpa Fred. Five years ago today they were in a terrible car accident. We lost Grandma that day and Grandpa two weeks later, both far too soon. Their absence is felt at every Thanksgiving dinner and every holiday feed, and they will be sorely missed at the wedding, as they are every other day of our lives. But their presence is constantly felt as well, in the strength of our family's bonds, our humor, our food (of course), and our across-the-board support for Lady Vols basketball.

I'm not sure of the dates when these pictures were taken -- I'd reckon that sometime in the early to mid-'40s would be about right. I didn't know my grandparents when they looked like this, but Grandpa's eyes and Grandma's smile stayed the same all those many years, and I know them like I know my own reflection. These photos are so beautiful they just make your heart ache.

Fred Robert Abernathy

Emily Jean Reeves Abernathy

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  1. I am sorry you lost your grandparents. They are very beautiful!