Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Luck o' the Northern European Mutt

This being St. Patrick's day, I thought it might be appropriate to note the ridiculous amount of luck I have had in the past year or so at winning things online. For example, on Monday I got a call from a local magazine saying I had won their "Sweetheart Sweepstakes" (picked randomly). I remembered getting the email that prompted me to enter, but couldn't find it in my inbox anymore, so I googled the package and WHOA, I won a crapton of stuff. Stuff like a pair of tickets to the natural science museum, a 90-minute Swedish massage, a manicure-pedicure and a gift certificate for a sterling silver Hershey's Kiss pendant (??) from a jeweler.

BUT WAIT. There's more, and it's the good stuff. I also got $100 gift certificate to Ross-Simons (expires at the end of the month, gotta work fast!) and $150 to Brown & Co., both jewelry stores that could help me solve my earring dilemma. Huzzah! The cherry on top of all this is a two-night stay at Barnsley Gardens, a resort in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains. That also includes a round of golf, but Jon and I are putt-putters and in no way could we manage an entire round of actual golf, so I guess that will have to go to waste since it's wrapped up with the room.

When I told my sister, she wondered where this winning mojo came from, and I frankly have no idea. That got me thinking back on the freebies I've racked up from the blogs in the last year or so. I've scored:
  • a dozen customizable cookies
  • a cute 2010 calendar
  • 100 postcards from (used for save-the-dates)
  • a pair of tickets to Spring Awakening (won with speed, not luck)
Not bad, huh? I feel like I am missing something but can't for the life of me think what it is... so I guess I'm not. Anyway, I'll be fine if I don't win anymore giveaways, just as long as my luck holds up in life in general!


  1. You are one lucky lady indeed-- it's not online luck, but don't you remember when you won the makeover from Benefit at Macy's and all the free goodies in NYC?

    Happy St Pat's!

  2. but of course, how could I forget? all of my makeup lives in that bag :)