Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Old-Timey Tuesday: a 1940s bachelor party

Now that I've picked up those boxes of old family photos, Old-Timey Tuesday has returned! Rejoice!

Today we're going to take a look at how Grandpa Fred and his buddies went about the bachelor party back in 1946. From the photos it seems like it was a pretty solid event, so let's break it down, shall we?

Step 1: Have a nice steak dinner.

(Grandpa Fred is in the middle)

Step 2: Drink your dessert. Make the honoree wear something silly on his/her head.

Step 3: Proceed to thoroughly embarrass the bride or groom. Make him or her wear more silly things.

Step 4: Retire to another room for polite conversation and after-dinner cocktails.

Step 5: Smoke if you've got 'em! Take the edge off with some Seagram's. Look like a total badass for posterity, if someone is snapping photos.

Step 6: Amass a collection of blurred late-night pictures that you may or may not remember being taken later on.

You know, the 1940s version of the bachelor party seems to be a pretty good model to go on, doesn't it? Well done, Grandpa Fred.


  1. I LOVE this. Thank you for sharing. I can't get enough of old pictures and because my elders are immigrants, there are so few of them.

  2. i love these pictures. lordy, our grandparents generation was way cooler than we will ever be.