Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Old-Timey Tuesday: the moments before

Directly following Grandpa Fred's bachelor party on the one and only roll of film that chronicles his and Grandma Jean's wedding are the following two pictures, taken, I imagine, shortly before the ceremony began. (That must be the case, because the picture after these is of the happy couple leaving the church. Each of these prints has a number on the back, which makes it easy to keep the sequence of events straight!)

First, we have young Fred sitting on the steps of the church, being tended to by his best man, Dal Cottrell. Is Dal wiping sweat from Grandpa's brow? Slicking back an errant hair? Trying not to crack up while they hold a pose for the photographer? No telling. Grandpa looks happy though, not too nervous, and it's a beautiful day.

Next is the companion shot of Jean waiting outside the church doors on the other side of the steps with her maid of honor, Annie Ruth Fulmer (Mom thinks), who appears to be dusting something off of Grandma's shoulders. I really can't help but wonder if these are awkwardly posed photos or actual preparations captured on film... and were Grandma and Grandpa out there together before the ceremony? I wish I knew all of the stories behind these pictures!

Up next week: the ceremony and the post-wedding photo session!

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  1. These are gorgeous. I love old photographs -- especially when they're linked with family stories!