Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Old-Timey Tuesday: Recessional and portraits

Old-Timey Tuesday is back with another batch of excellent photos from my maternal grandparents' November 1946 wedding near Greenville, S.C. I really love this first photo -- the other photographer diving out of the way (which begs the question: where are the pictures from his camera?) as Jean and Fred trot happily up the aisle. Isn't that camera awesome?

Here's an outdoor shot of the wedding party:

And this is Jean and Fred's romantic 1940s glamorous movie kiss! At least that's what this photo makes me think of. I like the onlookers in the edges of the frame as well.

Back inside the church for the formal wedding portraits, we have the bride and groom:

Bride, groom and attendants:

Wedding party plus ushers and family, I'm guessing. Grandma Jean's parents are on the far right of the photo, and I'm not entirely sure who all the men are...

My uncle tells me that, after their wedding, Grandma and Grandpa packed the car and headed west to Oklahoma, where Grandpa Fred had grown up. None of his relatives made it to South Carolina for the wedding, so Grandma Jean spent her honeymoon meeting her in-laws and new extended family for the first time! Family lore has it that Jean and Fred met on the first of June, had their first date on the first of July, were engaged on the first of August and married on November 23. Hot damn!

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