Sunday, March 21, 2010

on worlds colliding, overwhelmedness

Last week as I facebook-messaged a cousin whom I don't see very often for her new address, I started to notice that familiar overwhelmed feeling coming over me. Oh my god, I thought, we've invited too many people. How can we afford it? How will we manage to visit with everyone, much less greet them all?

Our wedding will be one of those worlds-collide occasions, as these things often are. We're bringing together groups that have generally existed in isolation and throwing them all together in a big room to witness our marriage and party with us for a night. There will be representatives of my elementary-through-high school friends; Jon's high school friends; my college friends; Jon's college friends; my summer camp friends; my study abroad friends; our grad school classmates and professors; our new Atlanta friends; old family friends; our parents' friends; and on top of that, both of our immediate and extended families. HOLY CRAP.

Of course, we brought this on ourselves. A small wedding never crossed my mind -- and I'm not sure such a thing would even be possible, given how my friends and family work. I mean, my family throws a holiday party each year that draws around 300 people, easy. I keep up with everyone and his/her mother. How could we possibly choose between these groups of people who are all so dear to us?

The solution is that we didn't. (And believe it or not, there are still people whom we could not fit on the guest list. Also, note to anyone making wedding plans: there is always more family to invite than you are aware of, at least if you're being equitable about it. Just so you know.) So, rather than feeling fearful or overwhelmed by the potential crowd, I've resolved to embrace it, and I'm looking forward to all of our circles of friends intersecting at last. I came away from our first wedding shower riding a wave of positive energy -- and to think, that was just a small subset of parent-friends! -- and I'm sure our remaining parties will build upon that momentum. Thinking about the wedding pretty much makes my head want to explode from awesome and happy. So much love and history and friendship in one place, with me and Jon at the lucky center of it! I think I may be overwhelmed after all...

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  1. This is a really sweet entry... makes me happy to read that you are so excited!