Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Paddy's Days past

(Just one more post for the day, I promise...)

St. Patrick's day isn't always a big holiday for me, but I have had two notable ones in the not-all-that-distant past. In 2004, I was studying abroad in Germany, and I picked the week of St. Patrick's day to go visit one of my college roommates (also a bridesmaid!) who was studying in Dublin. The biggest event of the week actually happened the day before St. Patrick's, when Allison and I decided we would mosey over to the U2 studios for some Bono-stalking. We weren't there but 30 or 40 minutes when who should pop out of the door and invite us in but Bono himself! Here's an awkwardly cropped picture of 20-year-old me and Bono, who looks half-drunk:

Needless to say, that was a memorable St. Patrick's week! I recall that Allison and I went to a pub nearby for a celebratory beer after meeting three of the four members of U2, and when I pulled out my coins to pay for my pint, I had the exact right amount in my hand. It was a good day.

As unlikely as I thought it was that I would ever in my life be in Ireland for St. Patrick's day, I somehow ended up in Dublin over the holiday again in 2007. This time I was with my grad school classmates on a weeklong trip that was purportedly intended for the study of Irish theater but mostly was just mindblowingly awesome.

The last day of our trip that took us through Galway and Dublin was March 17, and we had the whole day free to explore Dublin and party until our group dinner that evening. Jon and I watched some of the neverending parade, wandered all over town, bought Jon an awesome old-man hat and enjoyed a pint when we could find a pub with some space. Here's Jon with the old-man hat and the pint:

And here we are at the group dinner that night:

March 17, 2007, also happened to be the last time I consumed a Shamrock Shake until a couple of weeks ago. Yep, I went to McDonald's in Dublin in the wee hours of St. Patrick's day to see if the shakes were any shamrockier over there. I remember it being a little weak for my taste. Nevertheless, I'm happy to say that the drought has ended and the Shamrock Shake returned to Atlanta this year!

Anyway, just a walk down memory lane before the holiday was out. Meeting Bono, Edge and Adam in 2004 was badass, and getting the chance to travel with my then-boyfriend of four months or so (and the rest of our excellent classmates) was an unforgettable experience and a pretty formative time in our relationship. Dublin is where Jon and I first talked about getting married someday, actually... I remember that Jon sort of tricked me into saying the word "married" first, even though he was getting at the same point. What a wimp.

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