Friday, March 5, 2010

a progress report of sorts

I remember thinking early this week that last weekend was somehow super productive, but now I can't remember what all I thought I got done... bollocks! Anyhow, I did manage to sort out a few wedding things over the past week and am looking forward to some other things over the weekend and next week, so that's my topic for the evening.

In the past seven days, I:
  • helped mama find a dress
  • negotiated non-trolley ceremony-to-reception transport!! Many thanks to Trolleydude I for the continued assistance.
  • laid out and ordered labels for our jar-of-honey favors
  • ordered lots of postage for invitations
  • started "bundling" invitations -- they are now 70 % complete, and I'll finish the rest during the Oscars
This weekend, I:
  • am driving up to Greenville to see my uncle and obtain the box of family photos that we refuse to entrust to the U.S. Postal Service (look out for the return of Old-Timey Tuesday!)
  • am getting my hair cut! It's been since last June, which is sort of ridiculous. This should be the only pre-wedding trim. I'll also take in pictures I've clipped and talk hairdos with my stylist
  • am having a full-on couples' wedding shower with the parent-friends crowd. I know I technically already had my first shower, but this is like, people outside my very tight group of friends, and parentals at that, plus Jon is involved this time, so it seems a little more official or something. Regardless, whee!
  • am hoping to take our rings back to Solomon Bros. to be engraved
Next week, I'm looking forward to:
  • receiving the other part of my bridesmaids gifts in the mail! I could tell you what they are, but I'd have to kill you.
  • getting down to the nitty-gritty with Ashley Baber for our WEDDING DAY TIMELINE meeting. NOOTS.
  • sorting out the music for the ceremony with the brilliant staff at my church
  • doing a rehearsal dinner tasting. NOM.
  • getting the honey labels in the mail!
The next two weeks of March will likely be utter insanity -- oh who am I kidding, the whole rest of March will be insane -- but I will be knocking down deadlines and to-dos left and right, which is excellent. We've got our shower tomorrow evening, so I'll be sure to report back on that! Happy weekend to all!

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