Monday, March 8, 2010

Shower season begins!

This past weekend, Jon and I had our first shower in the string of parties leading up to the wedding. This was a co-ed shower, with a guest list comprising friends of my parents' generation: there were family friends from my old neighborhood who have known me basically since I came home from the hospital, parents of high-school friends, work colleagues of my parents and pretty much everything in between. My brother and sister helped us hold things down on the young-people end of the spectrum. Jon was a little worried going into it, since he didn't know many of the people on the guest list very well, but it turned out to be a wonderful evening. I knew it would! It didn't hurt that we had two awesome hostesses running the show.

The party started with drinks and progressed to a light and delicious buffet dinner, and then it was time for presents! I had told Jon beforehand that he should remember to look excited about housewares as we opened gifts -- fortunately, I've never met anyone who likes presents as much as Jon does, so he had enthusiastic covered. As for me, I've got a pretty severe Vanna White reflex when it comes to opening presents for a crowd, as you can see below... I ought to work on keeping that in check.

It's a sweater! (No, actually, that's a pitcher. Close enough.)

We received many nice things off our registries -- all four of them, in fact! -- and a few off-registry lovelies. Jon and I were both pretty psyched to get a real music stand for our practice nook, and I personally was thrilled to get a cake dome that doubles as a punch bowl as well as an assortment of Williams-Sonoma's swanky cake pans! We also got a few stems of the crystal we registered for. It's so pretty and fancy! I could go on and on... but I won't. Now the main thing is figuring out where to store everything in our apartment!

Jon, me, and a pimpass ribbon bouquet

Once we were done opening presents, the parents made us take a picture together (above) and kiss... and Jon totally froze up. "Too short!" the parents cried. Hilarity/awkwardness ensued (below).

Then they made my parents kiss and smile for a photo. Am I my mother's daughter?


I left the shower in an absolutely gleeful state, and that carried over into Sunday. As I thought about it, I was overwhelmed by the generosity and love that had been focused on me and Jon for the evening. All of these longtime friends want to celebrate with us and wish us nothing but the best for the future. And to think, the wedding will be like that, only raised to the power of a couple hundred more people! It's hard to imagine. I'm pretty sure it's going to be the best wedding ever.

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