Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tastings: reception

As previously noted, yesterday was a crazy day in weddingland... crazy productive, that is! I peaced out of work around 11:45 (personal half-day what) and zipped across Marietta Street to meet mama and daddy at King Plow Arts Center for a tasting of the reception food. Bold American, our caterer, used to operate a restaurant in the space they now use for tastings and small events, so the presentation was quite impressive. White tablecloth and everything! The chefs all came and introduced themselves and told us about what we were eating for each course.

We started with buttermilk biscuits and cornbread, accompanied by tupelo honey butter and pimiento cheese spread. We had to restrain ourselves a bit with the breadbasket, because we knew much more was to come! First we tried a crab cake hors d'oeuvre, because crab cakes are pretty much dad's favorite thing ever, next to fresh tomatoes. It was delicious and very crabby, which is of course a good thing when it comes to crab cakes.

Next there was a side-by-side pork battle to pick what would make the menu: thyme and pepper grilled pork loin with Coca-Cola glaze vs. bourbon barbecue pulled pork on sweet potato biscuits. The pork loin won by a landslide -- and seriously tasted like Coke! In a good and porky way, of course, but the taste was unmistakable. You could call it a draw, though, because we decided to add the sweet potato biscuits to the assortment of breads to be served.

Last but not least, we sampled their famous fried chicken (as served at South City Kitchen, one of the company's restaurants) and creamy three-cheese macaroni & cheese. The latter was especially delectable. We are normally a crunchy-top, eggy inside mac & cheese lot, but in this case we decided that we shouldn't try to recreate a hallowed family recipe. We'd never hear the end of it if Mom's brothers didn't like it! This saucy, creamy version should suit mac & cheese lovers of all stripes.

Since we only got to pick five items off the menu to taste, that was the end of our tasting... or so we thought! Their pastry chef turned up and surprised us with a selection of mini desserts. NOM.

There's a lot more to our reception menu, of course, but I don't want to give it all away. You can probably tell that it's generally Southern awesomeness, and I will say that shrimp & grits will be involved. Once we get things finalized I may share more!


  1. OMG. That sounds.... wow. I want to eat that right now.

    Macaroni and cheese at your wedding! How awesome is that??

  2. shrimp and grits.... what an excellent idea ;) NOM