Monday, March 22, 2010

TWO months!

Holy buckets! Two months until I don my fancy dress and walk down the aisle and execute all these contracts we've been working on for almost a year now! (So romantic, I know.) Fortunately I am not freaking out just yet, and I hope I won't at all. We've already gotten some RSVPs back, and there have been a few surprises on both sides of the equation, so I'm hopeful that our attendance will work out to a number that does not require the rental of more tables and chairs than our venue provides.

Since it is the 22nd of the month, I awoke this morning to an email from telling me what I should be working on at this point. Today it was "Write your vows, pick your readings, and party!"

As for the first assignment, well, it doesn't really apply. We're going with the traditional vows that my church uses. In fact, at our second meeting with the pastor last week, he read through them for us so we'd know what we'd be saying. Vows, done!

Picking readings, now that's another story. We have been over all of the old wedding programs I've saved, looked online, and picked a handful of scriptures that we like. One that didn't make the initial cut is back in the running, because it pairs nicely with the overtly secular song we'd like one of our soloists to sing -- so it's sort of an incentive for the music director to rule in our favor on that one. We also had a poem in mind, but are sort of reconsidering given the "too secular" designation that will potentially muck up our music -- we may need something less romantical and more... ruminative? Shall see. The readings remain a work in progress.

When it comes to partying, we are all set! You already know we had a lovely shower earlier this month, and invites for the next one in mid-April should be in the mail as I write. This coming weekend will knock out two birds with one stone: bachelorette festivities Friday and Saturday nights, and Saturday during the day the mother-daughter lingerie shower that has become a tradition among my group of friends. Wrapping up the partying portion of the months leading up to the wedding will be a lovely non-shower party to kick off our wedding month. So, yeah, I think we've got the partying covered.

Only one more of these knot emails to go, thank the lordy. Given their track record, I'm sure they'll send me one on the day of, but hopefully it won't have any outstanding to-dos!


  1. Consider yourself warned: Once you get off The Knot's email list, you're instantly added to The Nest! Just be glad it doesn't instantly redirect you to The Bump...

  2. I'm glad they suggest that brides-to-be party! It's way too easy to focus on wedding planning and forget that you're supposed to be having fun.

    Oh, and I second anon about The Nest. It's insidious!