Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Yes, yes -- NO! NO!

Jon and I took the first few hours off from work today to meet up with Jesse and Whitney for an engagement photo shoot. It's been a while since I've been the main subject of a photo shoot (headshots, senior year of college) and I don't think Jon has had any professional pictures of himself taken aside from ones for his yearbooks, so it was a pretty interesting experience... but we had a great time!

We started out inside Belly General Store and then moved outside for a few shots. The light was a bit harsh out there, so we bailed. From there we drove toward our apartment, which has a unofficial dog park right next door and an official city park across the street. Jesse and Whitney took a bunch of photos of us on the hill at the dog park -- at one point, they were all the way across the field from us... we must be tiny specks in those shots! Jon and I were just standing there holding hands, like, should we dance? Make out? Stand still? Jump around?

After trying a few more configurations and lying down in the grass for pictures, we went across the street to the city park, which has beautiful cherry trees in blossom lining its border. Physical challenge no. 1: climb the tree. And don't look like a tool once you're up there. Good luck! It was a little awkward... it got more awkward, though, when they asked us to face each other and we both ended up straddling the sharply angled limb for a few minutes. Poor Jon!

Eventually we hopped down from the tree and took a whole lot more photos in the park. We faux-hung from the flowering branches for a good while, and as a result my underarms ended up getting a lot of camera time... I was assured they looked great. (We'll see how that turns out.) At the end of it, Jesse said she figured she tried every angle possible of us among the cherry blossoms.

After that, we hopped back in the car and returned to the street outside Belly. We took some photos in a colorful doorway, then headed around to the back alley for more of same. There was jumping, stonefacing, big smiling, staring into blinding sunlight and much, much more. Right as we were getting back to their car, having declared the shoot over, I saw the giant Coca-Cola mural on the wall outside Belly and just had to get some pictures in front of it. More kissing, jumping, stonefacing and staring into sunlight ensued, and Jesse only nearly got hit by a car once or twice. All in a day's work!

I didn't ask about how long it takes, but I figure we'll see some proofs in a few weeks... certainly by the start of May, I should think. I hope we looked good! I shouldn't worry though, because everyone Jesse and Whitney shoot looks awesome. It's just different when it's me and not some anonymous pretty person on the internet. Sort of like how I don't like hearing myself on answering machines, I think. Does that make sense? Regardless, I can't wait to see our pictures! Once I do, of course, I'll share some highlights with y'all...

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