Thursday, April 1, 2010

Behold my handiwork!

It's been about two weeks since I dropped our invitations off at the post office, so I shouldn't be ruining anybody's surprise by sharing them now. Ready? OK!

First up, the envelopes. These weren't terribly exciting, so I didn't take a picture of them -- you can see them here if you're really interested -- just more Crane Lettra loveliness. Inside the first envelope was an inner envelope, and inside that inner envelope was a tidy little package, tied up with divine twine like so:

When it came time to stuff envelopes, I moved the RSVP and reception cards lower down on the main invitation so the first text people would see would be "Mr. and Mrs. James McMillan Poe request the honor of your presence at the marriage of their daughter." That way everyone would know what's up right away.

On the top of the stack, as you can see, we have an RSVP postcard printed on duplex paper. I did a blind impression for this (no ink), and it turned out awesome! Here's a closer look:

Very nice, no? On the reverse side, you have your typical RSVP stuff:

This is actually the piece of the suite that I was least happy with... I don't so much mind that you can see the "RSVP" through on the backside of the postcard -- I wanted that to be a deep impression. However, when I printed the reverse side, I didn't bother to adjust the pressure, which led to a lot of show-through on the front and a little disruption of the nice blind impression. (You can sort of see the middle line in that first picture.) And I spent extra just to get double-thick paper! Ugh. Fortunately for me, the RSVP is the one piece of the invitation that the guests will be sending back to me. Muha!

Behind the RSVP postcard was the reception card. These came out lovely, except for a few that went wonky when the registration gauges started slipping out of place. I think I only sent out one or two crooked invitations in the end.

And here's the main event:

Oooh! Ahhhh! In case you're wondering, the two fonts I picked are Sweet Gothic and Buttermilk, both purchased from What's that? You want an extreme close-up? I thought you'd never ask.


Just look at all that luscious texture! This paper is a miracle from heaven, I tell you what. Anything you mess up on here, you can totally fix. (Definitely NOT the case with any Paper Source papers, which seem to be coated with teflon or something eraser-resistant.)

And, of course, you saw my thank-you notes early on. I ran 240 in black ink, and then I went back and made 120 more using a blind impression. I don't have a picture of those right now, but they look totally badass, take my word for it.

Ok, here's one final look at the whole shebang:

Not bad for a novice, eh? I am super proud of myself and quite pleased with the fruits of my labor. Now I just need to find a good frame or shadowbox or something in which I can keep a couple of nice, clean copies safe for posterity! Married folks, if you put your invitations away for safekeeping, where are you storing/displaying them? Anybody else have ideas?

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  1. Really lovely! The texture is drool-worthy! Nice work.