Thursday, April 22, 2010


After stalking my local Anthropologie store for weeks to see if they had something in stock, I bit the bullet and ordered a potential rehearsal dinner dress -- in four sizes (well, really, two sizes in regular and petite) so I wouldn't have to deal with the hassle of returning or exchanging. It seemed ideal for a tented rehearsal dinner on the banks of the Chattahoochee River:

Nice and summery, right? Perfect! Until you put it on and realize that you look like a milkmaid. (Alternatively, that you look like Louisa from The Sound of Music in her curtain dress, only less gangly and more busty.)

In addition to being generally unfortunate, the dress's sash is most definitely not patterned blue, as shown above; it's white, which actually makes a big difference (and not in a good way). Also, the dress becomes quite short-waisted if you have any substantial surface area to cover in the chest region. It almost became an empire waist rather than a natural waist on me, which, coupled with the poofiness of the skirt, sorta made me look pregnant. Oh, and the fabric was a little too casual for my liking.

So, basically, this dress was an utter FAIL. All that money charged on the credit card and $20 in non-refundable shipping for naught! But what will I wear? Where do I start looking? All J. Crew has are bridesmaids dresses, essentially, and the colors at Banana, Ann Taylor and Loft are all ugly this season. Wise readers, please tell me where to look for a not-too-fancy rehearsal/rehearsal dinner dress!


  1. I bought my dress at the BCBG outlet - and I also bought my second wedding dress there too (a much shorter more practical for dancing and booty popping dress). I would check it out if there are any around you. J.Crew and Banana Republic have great dresses at their outlet stores sometime - I bought my green engagement picture dress from there. AND don't underestimate the power of Forever 21. I found all three of my shower dresses at F21.

    What sort of dress are you looking for? Any favorite colors? I can look around online for you if you want and send you some ideas!

  2. Yes, it involves online ordering, but it is a treasure trove of options. Also, lots of Lilly Pulitzer dresses would be good rehearsal dinner wear.

  3. I second the mention of BCBG above, GREAT party dresses for about the same price point as a lot of Anthropologie stuff.

    Happy shopping!

  4. So Bloomingdale's is having an AMAZING sale right now, at least they were as of last weekend. 20% off all merchandise in the ladies' section, and an additional 40% off if you do a pre sale, where, essentially, you buy the dress on a Saturday and can't take it home with you until Tuesday. TOTALLY worth it, in my opinion, for the extra 20% off. BCBG has a less expensive line there called BCBG something or other... but it's towards the back in the Perimeter location, and the dresses are FABULOUS.

    I also still love J. Crew, haha

  5. nordstrom. possibly .com. i bought a great one. presently deciding between that and the strapless polkadot number from H&M

  6. I went to Priscilla of Boston in ATL and find a fabulous sick cocktail dress that I've worn several times since. Bonus? It was $150, max. I'm busty and tend to need dresses with more coverage, so department store cuts rarely do it for me. This one worked perfectly. Bonus? Your day-of bra will likely work, too!

    PS-- not sure where you got your wedding dress, but you generally get a discount there, so it never hurts to look!