Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Imagine being able to be magically whisked away to...


Yep, it's official... we're going to Quebec City and Montreal on our honeymoon! And right after the wedding, to boot!

You might be thinking, duh, that's when people go on honeymoons, but we weren't sure for a while based on jobs and vacation time and all that jazz. I have plenty of vacation days to use, but the way Jon's office does it he won't get any more days until the anniversary of his hiring (July) rolls around, and he used up most of his days for this year at the beach with my family last summer and going back to Idaho for the holidays. Although it stings a little to eat the cost, we decided Jon would take a week without pay so we could relax and be together (and NOT at work) for a while after the wedding. Jon just booked the flights! Frankly, we're saving a little by traveling just before high season begins there, so it's probably a wash.

So, on the Monday after we wed, we'll pack our (carry-on) bags and fly to Burlington, Vt., where we'll hop in a rental car and truck ourselves 4 hours to Quebec City then collapse in an exhausted heap at Fairmont's Le Chateau Frontenac. After 2 nights there (definitely can't afford more) we'll downgrade our lodging but stay in QC. To wrap up the trip we'll head to Montreal for the weekend, where we've temporarily reserved a room at Montreal's Fairmont hotel. (We're hoping to get enough of the Fairmont hotel chain gift cards we registered for to help cover our lodging costs... I am generally not a fan of comprehensive honeymoon registries, but I see no problem with a few targeted suggestions!) On Sunday, we'll drive from Montreal back to Burlington, return the car, and be home in Atlanta by 6:45 that night. Oh and TOTAL BONUS: the next day is Memorial Day! Yippee!

Now that we've gotten the wheres, whens and hows figured out, it's time to research the whats -- especially what to eat! Poutine is about as far as I've gotten on that list so far... Anyone familiar with these two cities should feel free to leave a highly informative comment.

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  1. Montreal's Chinatown has the best restaurants of any Chinatown I've ever been to. Highly recommended for lunching!