Friday, April 9, 2010

the OH SHIT list

The OH SHIT list has come about as a result of it now being April and my still not having sorted some things out, some of which could be considered somewhat major. And, OH SHIT, the wedding is in like 6 weeks! Here's what I've got to do, and soon:
  • Find a suitable underthing before 4/20 fitting (I'm close!)
  • Decide on earrings/accessories, ideally before 4/20 fitting
  • Finalize ceremony music (so I can tell the musicians and lay out my programs)
  • Make programs, find a printer and EXECUTE (as people in my office like to say)
  • Find location for bridesmaids luncheon-turned-dinner!!! (this is a big OH SHIT)
  • Figure out what kind of guestbook I am making and MAKE IT with enough time for it to get to me before the wedding
  • Determine parent, reader/greeter/soloist and remaining hostess gifts (Wedding party is covered!)
  • Get a dress for the rehearsal dinner
  • Procure Cheerwine, or recruit an uncle to procure it for me and bring it with him
  • Reserve reception-hotel transportation; figure out to which hotel said transportation will be transporting us
So, those are my most pressing action items. There is plenty more on my to-do list, but that stuff doesn't make my brain go OH SHIT when I think of it.

[Note: The OH SHIT list is not to be confused with the more common Shit List, which I'm told will create itself as people RSVP yes and then do not show for the wedding or make other egregious breaches of etiquette. Yippee!]


  1. We would love to help with bullet point #4. Wedding programs are our "thing". Let us know if we could be of assistance!

  2. I hope you don't have a shit list yet :) Or at all!