Thursday, April 15, 2010

OH SHIT: progress!

Of the ten things on my OH SHIT list, I've managed to check off a few in the last couple of days and make progress on some others. Here's what I've done:
  • Find a suitable underthing before 4/20 fitting
DONE! My bridesmaid Josephine and I went to Intimacy at the mall after work tonight and both scored excellent bustier-type things to wear under our dresses. Also, it was fun to go do girly stuff together for an evening. :)
  • Find location for bridesmaids luncheon-turned-dinner
A chips-and-queso-heavy Mexican dinner last Sunday night turned me off to the notion of Mexican fare two days before the wedding. I've been trying to pick a restaurant that would avoid American/Southern food, since that's what we'll have at the rehearsal dinner, reception and post-wedding brunch. With Mexican out, I decided on Italian -- specifically pizza! We'll be hitting up Fritti in Inman Park for a family-style pizza-centric feast. Nom.
  • Procure Cheerwine, or recruit an uncle to procure it for me and bring it with him
Uncle Steve said he'll probably make the run up I-85 to Gaffney this weekend to pick up a few cases of real-deal Cheerwine that he'll bring with him when he comes for the wedding. Done and done. I love you Uncle Steve!

So, Three down, seven to go. The next few items are things that are close to done or at least underway:
  • Finalize ceremony music
The only thing left to do is to pick out a piece for the bridesmaids' part of the processional. Prelude, seating of mamas, my processional, solo, hymn and recessional are all ready to go. I even got the sheet music from our friend who is singing to give to my friend who is accompanying her. Big time progress!
  • Make programs, find a printer and EXECUTE
Well, the programs are pretty close to complete. All I have to do is add in said processional music, figure out the appropriate titles for all musical selections and figure out the back page. Mom is asking her graphic designer friend about printers, and after we pick one we will EXECUTE. I'm hoping this will be in early May so it's out of the way well in advance of the wedding.
  • Slideshow
Well, I haven't yet farmed this one out, but Jon stepped up and scanned in all the photos of him as a young'n that we brought back from Idaho. That's pretty key.

That leaves me with half the list undecided or incomplete for the time being. I will probably go ahead and order the dress I've had my eye on for the rehearsal dinner since it hasn't shown up in my local Anthropologie store yet, so that will help me chip away at these remaining tasks:
  • Figure out what kind of guestbook I am making and MAKE IT with enough time for it to get to me before the wedding
  • Determine parent, reader/greeter/soloist and remaining hostess gifts
  • Get a dress for the rehearsal dinner
  • Decide on earrings/accessories, ideally before 4/20 fitting
  • Reserve reception-hotel transportation; figure out to which hotel said transportation will be transporting us
With a little more than five weeks to go I think I should be able to manage the rest of the OH SHIT list. Whew!

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