Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Old-Timey Tuednesday: a '60s wedding

After our brief stopover in the 1980s, we're stepping back in time -- about 14 years, to be precise -- to 1968, when my mom's Uncle Chub (real name Jimmie, Grandma Jean's little brother) got married. Mom tells me that the wedding took place in Social Circle, Ga., and I know that Chub married in his late 30s and was a good bit older than his bride, Betty, but other than that I don't have a ton of information on the event.

These first pictures are from what I assume to be the rehearsal dinner or a pre-wedding reception. Here are the groom- and bride-to-be:

and the tasty spread:

And here's my lovely Grandma Jean again, at right, with her mother:

Next we have some wedding-day preparations. Not much to be gathered from these pictures, but I just love the moments that somebody caught on film. These fellows look like important people in the wedding, fathers, maybe, and they're getting some suits out of the car. (Mom, can you identify?) [Note: Mom says the man on the right is her grandpa, my great-grandpa, Chub's dad. You can definitely tell!] Kodak moment!

And here the father of the groom helps Chub get ready:

Next week you'll get to see the bride, Betty, and the amazing getup her maid of honor is wearing. Get excited!

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  1. The white-haired gentleman is your great -grandfather,and the father of the groom. The wedding was in Social Circle, Georgia.