Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Old-Timey Tuednesday: Here come the 80s!

We won't linger long in the 1980s, but I do have some classic family photos to share from late spring/early summer of 1982. Mama was a bridesmaid in her cousin Beth's wedding, and my sister Emily, then three and a half years old, was on flower girl duty. The attire is all-around awesome in this one -- let's check it out!

Mom (at left above) had described her bridesmaids dress to me when she told me about the sweet outfit she made for Emily, but I didn't have a mental picture of it. When I saw the photos, it totally exceeded my expectations of awesomeness! I love the blousy cut and the accordion-pleated skirt. I mean, hey, at least it's comfortable and easy to wear, if nothing else! I asked Mom if she still had this dress, but, alas, she does not.

This is one of the formal shots. (Sorry about that lighting, bridesmaid in the back. Tough cookies!) Beth's dress has long sleeves and a high neck, much like some of the 70s dresses we've seen, but she's added a new element with the bridal hat. Yowza! But enough about the bride and the bridesmaids, I know y'all are really here for the flower girl...

Look at that angel face! That blinding blond bowl cut! She's a vision in peach, isn't she? Mom made Emily's precious dotted dress with a smocked white pinafore. I know exactly where the dress is still hanging in the hall closet at my parents' house (and I probably wore it a time or two growing up as well). Also, how pretty is my mama? Just sayin'.

We're not having a flower girl in our wedding. I could say that that's because we don't know any willing and able little girls, but really it's just that no one can compete with three and a half-year-old Emily for cuteness. What would be the point in trying?


  1. Hi! This is a random comment. I was looking for pictures of 80's weddings and your blog turned up. Your sister looks so much like me when I was that age!! I even had that exact same haircut!

  2. Hahaha awesome! So glad your search brought you to my hilarious family pics. My husband has a TOTALLY EPIC 80s wedding in his family and I have to get my hands on those. It's a full-on Eliza Doolittle/Mary Poppins hat and parasol situation. Never seen anything like it!