Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Old-Timey Tuesday: the '60s, continued

So, I think I might have unwittingly recalled last week's post when I went back in to revise it... so if you missed the first round of pictures from this lovely '60s wedding, look back to April 21!

Anyway, last week we left off toward the end of wedding preparations, so we'll pickup with the before and after, since I don't have any during.

I assume this is pre-wedding based on where it was in the stack of photos... Here we have the groomsmen, looking quite dapper in their white dinner jackets!

And here's Betty, the lovely bride! Since she's in the narthex I'm guessing this is before she's gone down the aisle.

And then they had a wedding ceremony!

And then they took more pictures. Mr. & Mrs. Jimmie B. Reeves! May I draw your attention to the AMAZING outfit the maid of honor is wearing? Long teal dress with matching mini-veil and short white gloves? So awesome.

I think this next one is at some point during the photo session. The maid of honor has taken her dyed-to-match shoes off and is chilling with the minister.

Back to the portraits! Here Chub and Betty are with my great-grandparents, parents of the groom. Mimi, on the right, is where my middle name (Virginia) comes from. Also, I am loving the gloves.

Parents of the happy couple!

And that brings us to the end of this installment of Old-Timey Tuesday. Next week we'll check out the reception!

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