Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pastor meeting no. 3

This afternoon Jon and I had our third and final pre-wedding meeting with our pastor, David. The next time we'll all get together will be for the wedding rehearsal on May 21! (Of course, I'll see the minister from the choir loft every Sunday between now and then.) The main task at today's meeting was to get the order of service ironed out.

I had drafted a program last week based on the program from a friend's wedding in the church, laid it out in InDesign and printed it up in a booklet, as it will eventually be produced. I also brought a printout of the poem and the text of the song we've selected for the ceremony so the pastor could voice any objections then and there, should he have any. (He didn't.) After catching up on life since our last meeting, we basically ran down the page and looked for things to be changed. There wasn't much, which was good -- I think I am supposed to change a "prayer of thanksgiving" to a regular old "prayer," and that's about it.

I finally confirmed most of the ceremony music this past Sunday when the music director/brilliant organist told me, at long last, that the vocal setting of a secular poem we want our friend to sing will be allowed. Glory! Having this settled made the scripture and the order of the second half of the program fall right into place. The only remaining things to be determined are processional music for the mamas (almost settled) and the bridesmaids (no idea), how best to list the composition titles and composers and who will be reading which scripture.

Our meeting ended on a humorous note... I don't remember how we got here, but at some point David asked us, "Have you seen Billy Madison?" Jon and I both scoffed, Ha! Have we seen Billy Madison. Really. Apparently David's boys, 8 and 10, are just beginning to enjoy this sort of humor, and they were watching it the other day on TV. For a minute or two, the three of us riffed on the academic decathlon scenes, specifically Billy's rambling response about the puppy that lost its way. I think we did a good job picking our officiant!

I'm hoping to tie up the loose ends within the next week or so so I can find a printer and get these things out of the way! The less I have to worry about later on, the better.

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  1. I think I have a whole CD somewhere (or my mom does) of various processional music that our church lady gave us.. if you are interested.