Monday, April 5, 2010

random thoughts on time

This past week, spring has finally settled in here in Atlanta. It's about damn time, too! It's strange that we're only just now seeing the new bright green on the trees, but since the cold stuck around a bit longer than usual this year, the season arrived a few weeks late.

As frustrating as this delay was for life in general, the weather could not have been timed any more perfectly when it came to our engagement pictures. Last Tuesday, the cherry blossoms on the trees in the park across the street, where we took a lot of pictures, were at the peak of their beauty. I passed by the park last Friday, just three days after our photo session, and saw that the trees had already dropped their pretty petals and moved onto the next phase of blooming. The odds of us picking the best possible day for shooting when we scheduled the session back in early February were certainly not in our favor, so I am taking our good fortune as an omen that our pictures will be beyond awesome. I can't wait to see them! Only a few more weeks...

On another note to do with time, tonight at the grocery store I bought a half-gallon of milk on which the sell-by date was May 17. Dude! That's the Monday of our wedding week! The big day is close enough that the milk I buy now (which admittedly has remarkably far-away expiration dates) would almost still be in-date on our wedding day if I didn't drink it all before then. Is that not totally noots?

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