Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A realization...

Uh, do I have to have the name-change situation all sorted out when we go to get our marriage license? If so, I may have to hold off a little while... Jon wanted to get it next week sometime, but that may still be too soon. Aaaack! What to doooo?! I need to consult some wise relatives and friends for counsel and do a lot of pondering, and fast!

[Unrelated: Old-Timey Tuednesday coming up after work once I get home to my scanner! New decade! Get ready for greatness.]


  1. Well you have to provide your "new" (or old) name for the license, but I think you have up to one year to legally change it (all the paperwork). That was definitely the most nerve-racking part of it for me and I still go back and forth like everyday. But you can always change your name whenever - it just costs more. I think it may be free or discounted if it's due to marriage. Good luck!

  2. No, you don't have to have your name changed for the marriage license.

    You need the marriage license to change your name for a whole host of other things (Social Security card, drivers license, credit cards, so on).

    It's the first initial stepping stone you need ... your middle and maiden names should be on the license, which will be used to get the certificate which you get in the mail later. You'll use that sucker all the time, so hold on to it ;) The marriage certificate is the bridge between your new and old names.

  3. Thanks y'all! Super helpful to know. What a relief!

  4. We got married in Oct and the only thing I have changed is my license and mailing address! And my insurance card. Woopsies... =0)