Thursday, April 29, 2010

Rehearsal dress success!!

Hooray! The pretty Shoshanna dress came in the mail today, and it fits! And it's lovely! And I am definitely wearing it for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner (and lots of future weddings). I would post a picture of myself in it but I don't want to put it on again and I don't think I can get a good angle on the full-length mirror. Perhaps over the weekend.

Next, I need to figure out if the shoes I have are suitable or if I will require different ones. I've been to a party at Canoe before in skinny heels and it got sort of difficult walking through the gardens, so it may be that a good wedge sandal is in order...

Anyway, many many thanks to my Seester and my friend Caroline (and, I suppose, the shitty inventory at Perimeter Mall) for getting me off my duff to buy myself a nice, bright dress for the occasion!

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