Friday, April 2, 2010

this is your brain on 50 days

I think I've got a serious case of weddingbrain these days. I first noticed it creeping in sometime late in February, and it's only gotten worse as the wedding has gotten closer. It's not the oft-cited "bride brain," wherein a bride loses her ability to remember anything; I fortunately still have my mental calendar capabilities. It's more that my productive energies can only be focused on things wedding-related. Writing thank-you notes and sending follow-up emails to vendors? I'm on it. Finishing outstanding freelance work? Uhhh... well... erm... I will have it to you by Monday, really. I promise.

Basically, I need to buckle down and mow through this non-wedding stuff ASAP so that I can get back to the overarching task of the past year: making this wedding happen and happen in a totally kickass fashion. It's crunch time! I've got 50 days to go (!) and a list of things to tackle that is in all likelihood more than 50 items long. Y'all, it's April. We are getting married in May. That's next month. DUDE.

This weekend I will finish my freelance. I will wait until I have turned that in to work on my guestbook or to scan in funny childhood pictures (which I will probably hand over to a friend to turn into a heartwarming slideshow). I may allow myself to make an updated to-do list... but that's it! If I haven't stuck to these resolutions on Monday, you all have permission to come find me and smack me.

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